Joining a Clover

Writers who apply to join a Clover should be interested in forming casual relationships with two other writers at different stages in their careers. All writers should be willing to answer emails and have occasional phone or in-person meetings with the other writers in their group, and to offer advice and support.

It is important to note that this is NOT a workshop group, and writers should not expect to share work or receive feedback. It is also not primarily a networking group, though if at any point you are inspired to connect the members of your Clover to other writers you know, that would certainly be fine. The ultimate purpose of a Clover is to provide mutual support to the writers in their professional lives.

Writers who are accepted will be matched up into three-person Clovers, based on their needs and interests. Each group will have one writer from the following:

Student Writers: Undergraduate writing students who hope somehow to make their living as writers.

Emerging Writers: Writers who are working in some capacity, but who have not yet published a book, or who are otherwise a few steps away to achieving their writing goals. Emerging writers are the most difficult to define, as each of us may have a different idea of what it means to be a working writer. We are interested in a variety of perspectives on what it means to be a working writer.

Established Writers: Writers who have published at least one book through traditional publishing houses (large or small), or writers who have a significant publishing history in nationally recognized magazines and newspapers.

The time commitment is minimal, and will be dictated by each individual group. We are, however, looking for writers who are willing to commit to at least one scheduled phone or video call per month. Ideally writers would engage in e-mail correspondence in between these regularly scheduled calls.

Applications to join a Clover for the 2016 season are currently closed. However, we are still looking for established writers to match with emerging and student writers who have already signed up. If you define yourself as a more established writer and would like to join a Clover, please email us at TheCloversProject [at] gmail [dot] com.


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